FABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence - $25

FABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 1 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 2 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 3 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 4 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 5 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 6 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 7 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 8 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 9 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 10 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 11 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 12 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 13 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 14 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 15 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 16 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 17 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 18 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 19 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 20 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 21 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 22 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 23 thumbnailFABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence 24 thumbnail
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Barrier Systems
model name / number: Drainage Alternatives
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FABRIC BARRIERS | J-Drain and Silt Fence | Drainage Control for Debris & Sediment

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OUR PRICE🟢$25.00 | Fabric Silt Fence-36"x500'-21lbs | Available QTY: 119
OUR PRICE🟢$225.00 | Fabric Barrier-J Drain-6"x150'-23lbs | Available QTY: 30
OUR PRICE🟢$225.00 | Fabric Barrier-J Drain-24"x150'-80lbs | Available QTY: 24

Price Comparisons:
Fabric Silt Fence-36" X 500' *** Silt Management Supplies: $69.00 each | Pro Fabric Supply: $120.00
Fabric Barrier-J Drain-6" X 150' *** Best Materials: $229.99 | WP Supply: $200.00
Fabric Barrier-J Drain-24" X 150' *** Best Materials: $499.99 | Bluestone Supply: $533.00
*****This silt fence fabric is a woven geotextile that temporarily controls sediment on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers and lakes from sediment in storm water runoff. The fabric can easily be attached to stakes or posts (not included).
*****The J-DRAIN is a 3-dimensional, high-flow, drainage core which is wrapped with a non-woven filter fabric. The filter fabric retains soil or sand particles, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core. Designed for efficiently draining water away from turf areas, foundation walls, basement walls, retaining walls, roadway edges and more. This system is economical and designed to improve upon and replace conventional gravel covered perforated drain pipe (French drain). The J-Drain has the benefit of being cheaper, requiring less labor, less time, and is less intrusive than other drainage alternatives.
*****The Sediment Retention Barrier is a floating curtain type barrier which is used to trap sediment or floating debris from mixing with larger bodies of water. Designed as an effective and economical alternative to straw bales, silt fence and rock check dams.

APPLICATIONS: Natural Turf, Synthetic Turf, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Foundation Walls, Lawns, Gardens, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Gold Courses, Farms and much more!!

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