Oak Barrels - $150 (Lakewood)

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6000 West Byers Place near Alameda and Harlan

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condition: excellent

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Whiskey barrels! If you are the creative type and this intrigues you, give me a call! I have a plethora of photo's depicting 100's of fabulously creative things (furniture, light fixtures, wall décor, toys, tanning bed, etc.) that can all be made from whiskey barrels! I would be happy to share the photo's that I have with you.

$150 each (plus tax)

7-Two-0 5-One-5 One-6-Six-6 (please, no texts)
Call the number here (or the number spelled out, above): 720 . 515 . 1666

Pick up Location: 6000 West Byers Place, Lakewood, CO 80226
* Call before you head my direction so I can make arrangements to meet you there *

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Crypto, Check (with I.D.)

ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR SALE and IN STOCK (see respective ads or call me)
1. Drum Dolly with Steel Drum $300
2. IBC Totes (40” x 48” x 46”h) $165 each
3. Commercial Grade Floor Mats:
a. BER (Pallet of 50 Mats) $235 - $375
b. Refurbished/Repaired Mats $45-$60 each
c. Custom/Logo Mats Price based on size
4. 55 gallon Closed-Top Steel Drums (36”h x 24”dia) $25 each
5. Raised Garden Planters (47”l x 32”w x 16”h) $75 each
6. 55 gallon Open-Top Steel (or Poly) Drums (36” x 24”dia) $65 each
7. Shop Towels (14” x 17”) 50 towels for $15
8. Whiskey Barrels (35” x 22” x 25”) $150 each
9. White Bath Towels (52”l x 26”w) 5 Towels for $7.50
10. Wood Pallets (48” x 40”) $10 each

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